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Customer Management (Level 1) AOP

Customer Management (Level 1) AOP

Course Ref. No. : TGS-2023038883

Course Validity and Funding Support Period : 6 October 2023 to 5 October 2025

Course Objectives

Learners will learn about following guidelines to provide customer service; and acquire knowledge and abilities to identify customers’ needs and expectations; maintain good interpersonal relationship and proper communication with customers; and practise good service delivery.

Upon completion of this course, learners will be able to identify the needs of customers and their expectations; perform measures to address customers' urgent needs by using techniques to assess them; identify areas of improvement from organisational requirements and procedures for customer handling and service delivery; understand principles of effective communication; identify types of triggers in the service environment that may lead to potential service challenges; apply service recovery procedures to respond to different types of service challenges; and identify service challenges that require escalation by using problem-solving tools and techniques.

Course Description

1. This course is the Assessment-Only-Pathway (AOP) mode for the TSC Course: EVS-CFC-1005-1.1 Customer Management-1.
2. This Statement of Attainment (SOA) is accepted by NEA as a Core module for Cleaners (Level 1).
3. Bespoke shall evaluate AOP requests based on request's feasibility and fulfilment of terms and conditions, which include:
- Only employer-sponsored learners will be accepted; and Learners must have minimum two months of relevant work experience in the cleaning industry; and have attended relevant in-house / on-the-job-training. Employers hold the responsibility of preparing learners to be ready to undergo the AOP assessment.
- There will be screening procedures to determine suitability of learners at the registration phase + on the day of assessment. On the day of the assessment, learners are required to report to the Assessor at the assessment venue at least half an hour before the scheduled assessment time, for the Assessor to complete the screening procedures.

Who should attend

Company-sponsored Cleaners (Level 1) from licensed cleaning businesses.

Minimum Entry Requirement

1. Only employer-sponsored learners are accepted by Bespoke for the course in Assessment-Only-Pathway (AOP) mode.
2. Learners must have minimum two months of relevant work experience in the cleaning industry; and have attended relevant in-house / on-the-job training.
3. Learners are able to speak, listen and read English to a proficiency level equivalent to Workplace Literacy and Numeracy (WPLN) Level 1; and have numeracy skills to a proficiency level equivalent to Workplace Literacy and Numeracy (WPLN) Level 1.


You will be awarded a Statement Of Attainment (SOA) upon completion of the course.
TSC Code: EVS-CFC-1005-1.1

Training Information
Mode of Training Classroom
Total Training Hours NIL
Total Assessment Hours 0.5 hour
Mode of Assessment
  1. Role Play
  2. Oral Questioning

Full Course Fee before GST is $115.00.

Full Course Fee with 9% GST is $125.35.

Type Category of Individuals/Employer Sponsored Learner
Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents (50% Funding) Employer-sponsored and self-sponsored Singapore Citizens aged 40 years and above (70% Funding) SME-sponsored local employees (i.e. Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents) (70% Funding)
 Funding Source
SkillsFuture Funding (Baseline) SkillsFuture Mid-career Enhanced Subsidy SkillsFuture Enhanced Training  Support for SMEs
Full Course Full $115.00 $115.00 $115.00
Skills Future Funding $57.50 $80.50 $80.50
Total Nett Fee $57.50 $34.50 $34.50
GST (9% x S$115) $10.35 $10.35 $10.35
Total Fee Payable $67.85 $44.85 $44.85

Note: SSG Funding is only applicable to Singaporeans & Permanent Residents, and is subject to approval by SSG


  • For course withdrawal, the refund amount will depend on how many days before course start date that the withdrawal request is received by BESPOKE, as below:
  • More than Ten (10) days – Refund of 100% of course fee collected
  • Four (4) to Ten (10) days - Refund of course fee collected an administration charge of $53.50.
  • Three (3) days or less – No refund of course fee collected.
  • For any amount of refund approved by BESPOKE, the refund amount will be made through a mode of payment that will be determined by BESPOKE at its sole discretion.
  • There will be no refund for partial attendance of the course.

Information on SSG funding guidelines is available at:
Funding for Individuals
Funding Support for Employers