Frequently Ask Questions

  1. What is NEA Cleaning Business Licence?
  2. What is Enhanced Clean Mark Accreditation Scheme?
  3. What is the refund policy?

Environmental Services

What is NEA Cleaning Business Licence?

With effect from 1 April 2014, all general cleaning businesses in Singapore, even if these services form only part of their overall business, will have to be licensed before 1 September 2014. Cleaners (employed for 3 months or more as at the date of application) are to attend at least 1 module under the EC WSQ Framework. You can find out more from NEA's Website Cleaning Business Licence

Enhanced Clean Mark Accreditation

The NEA Clean Mark Accreditation Scheme (previously known as Voluntary Accreditation Scheme) was launched on 21 July 2010. The scheme was jointly developed by NEA, MOM, WDA and NTUC’s e2i, in consultation with industry representatives and Unions. It recognises companies that deliver high standards of cleaning through the training of workers, use of equipment to improve work processes, and fair employment practices. Since its first launch, the scheme has been revised after taking into consideration industry's feedback. The Clean Mark Accreditation Scheme has been enhanced in October 2012 to raise the overall standards and professionalism of the cleaning industry through better employment practices and productivity initiatives, together with a new accreditation requirement on progressive wages. The enhanced scheme is termed as “The Enhanced Clean Mark Accreditation Scheme”. NEA has streamlined the business processes of the Enhanced Clean Mark Accreditation Scheme (EAS) and the Cleaning Business Licence. From February 2015, cleaning businesses need to submit only one application for both the Cleaning Business Licence and EAS. You can find out more from NEA's Website NEA Enhanced Clean Mark Accreditation


What is refund policy?

Participants who wish to obtain a refund are to contact Bespoke STC for a Refund Request Form. The form is to be filled up and submitted to Bespoke STC via mail, email or in person. A refund request does not guarantee that a refund will be made. All requests will be reviewed by Bespoke STC to determine if a refund is due. Trainees who wish to withdraw from the course will be charged cancellation fees as follows:

More than 10 working days before commencement of class Full refund of fees collected
4-10 working days before commencement of class Refund of course fees collected, with an admin charge of S$53.50, incl. GST
3 or less working days before commencement of class No refund of fees collected

Bespoke STC reserves the right to cancel or reschedule the class. All efforts will be made to inform clients/trainees the soonest possible. All requests for refunds will be processed and the outcome made known (i.e. if the request is rejected or if refund is to be made) within 2 weeks from the date the request form was received. Refunds will be paid by cheque only. The applicant must sign the acknowledgement slip and collect the cheque at Bespoke Solution Training Consultancy Pte Ltd in person.