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Our Associate Trainers


Mak Pak Cheun is Bespoke Solution Training Consultancy's associate trainer and takes on the role of conducting training and assessment of Environmental Services and WSH courses. Pak Cheun has rich work experience in the cleaning and waste management industries. He served as a Senior Head of Operations at an environmental management company in charge of Public Cleansing and Public Waste Collection contracts with the National Environment Agency (NEA). He also conducted WSQ Training and Assessment for waste collection drivers and crews.


  • WSQ Advanced Certificate in Training & Assessment (ACTA) – Facilitated Learning and OJT
  • WSQ Supervise Service Operations
  • WSQ Certificate in Environmental Cleaning
  • WSQ Comply With Workplace Safety And Health Policies And Procedures
  • WSQ Clean Food Shops
  • MOM Risk Management Course
  • MOM Safety Management Course
  • National Trade Certificate (NTC) Grade 2 in Heavy Duty Diesel Mechanics